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Hurricane Irene Cuts Off Killington

As most of you know by now, Hurricane Irene dropped an unprecedented amount of rain on Vermont causing historic flooding. In the Killington area, this flooding resulted in massive amounts of damage, including washing out Route 4 in both directions, washing out parts of Route 100, causing part of the Killington base lodge to collapse, cutting off power to much of the mountain, and countless other damage.

These road washouts caused Killington to be inaccessible either in or out and stranded many weekend tourists. Luckily with the help of countless volunteers, roads that seemed like they would be impassable for weeks have now been at least temporarily repaired. As of last night, the state police and Killington are allowing people to leave during controlled exits. These are one way only (out of town), and will follow Route 4 through Woodstock to I-89. This is only recommended for those who have an immediate need to leave as the route is a bit treacherous.

The Town of Killington held an informal meeting last night where they provided all the current repair and rescue information. There are also several Facebook groups set up to provide additional information.

From my own personal observations, the Access Road looks like it would on any other late August day. There are only minor signs of damage where there are a few pieces of washed away road. East Mountain Road has sustained much more serious damage as has Route 4. Power is still not restored to the West Hill area, but a good number of people do have power. It also appears that most houses off the Access Road survived and only a few suffered minor damage or washed out driveways.

We will be posting further updates throughout the week as well as some of the photos and videos we were able to take.