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More Post-Irene News for Killington

Every hour there is a little more progress being made with restoring service and access to the area. We’re happy to report on the following new updates:

  • Power is back on to the West Hill Rd area. That area has been without power since about 4pm on Sunday, so it’s great to have it back!
  • Killington Mountain has begun their post-Irene cleanup. Work is progressing and they are hoping to re-open for golf, mountain biking and hiking as soon as possible.
  • There will be mail service tomorrow! The post office will operate during normal hours, but will not be making mailbox delivery. The post office will be closed on Friday and hours for next week are being determined. As of now, mail will not be delivered to the post office on a daily basis.
In some unfortunate news, the Killington Classic has been cancelled (or postponed until 2012). Being that it was only 8 days away, the organizers were left with no choice but to cancel for the first time in their history. Killington Resort has also cancelled all lodging arrivals through September 8 and all resort events (weddings, etc) through September 18. This news is just the beginning of the economic impact that the town will face from Irene.
To end on a positive note, Route 4 will be open for limited hours and travel:

Access from Killington to Woodstock/Quechee/I-91 and I-89

Beginning, September 1, Route 4 will be open daily during these times:

  • Westbound (Woodstock to Killington)
    • Open from 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.
    •  Closed all other times
  • Eastbound (Killington to Woodstock)
    • Open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
    •  Closed all other times

Travel at your own risk, using extreme caution at very low speeds.  There are many obstacles in the road and many areas that can only accommodate one lane of traffic. 

Access from Killington to Rutland
There is no public vehicular access to Rutland. However, Marble Valley Regional Transit Authority will restore the Diamond Express Line for emergencies and working personnel (with only selected stops listed below).  This service will begin Wednesday, August 31 with this schedule:

  • Depart Rutland at 5:15pm and arrive at Killington at 6:15pm. Depart Killington at 6:30pm and arrive at Rutland at 7:30pm

Beginning Thursday, September 1, the daily busing schedule will be:

  • Depart Rutland at 7:15am and arrive in Killington at 8:15am. Depart Killington at 8:30am and arrive in Rutland at 9:30am
  • Depart Rutland at 5:15pm and arrive at Killington at 6:15pm. Depart Killington at 6:30pm and arrive at Rutland at 7:30pm
The Bus will make select stops at:
Killington Grand – Pico Mountain – Mendon Mountainview/Cortina Inn – Transit Center (Rutland)

          Times are approximate and will depend on travel speeds.

          This schedule is subject to change.  Check for updates