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Killington Joins Liftopia

Killington Joins LiftopiaTechCrunch is reporting that Liftopia has raised another $1 million in venture capital.

Liftopia provides variable ski resort ticket pricing through its web site. Basically, they allow people to purchase reduced price lift tickets for off-peak days. They allow the resorts to change the price based on how much traffic they anticipate seeing on the slopes.  Rather than just set prices for different time periods, they can actually change their prices on a day-to-day basis.

The good news for all of us is that Killington has signed on this year (Stowe too).  That means there is yet another avenue for us to find discounted lift tickets.

Killington also recently announced their K50 discounted lift tickets.  This deal allows you to buy up to four $50 lift tickets with some blackout days. Better hurry on this one though as the offer expires on October 15.