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Want to be a snow bum? Now you can and get paid for it.

snow-bumWe’ve all dreamt about being a snow bum and spending the season skiing or riding, but unfortunately for most of us, a little thing called work gets in the way.  Well, Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia, Canada wants to change all that.

They’re running the I Want to be a Snow Bum contest and the winner gets to spend three months being a snow bum at Sun Peaks.  This includes around $5000 cash, transportation, free lift tickets, housing, ski gear, ski or board equipment, and more. The only catch is that you have to ski or ride, go to special events (wine festival, terrain park activities, etc), blog, Tweet, post videos to YouTube and update Facebook with your daily escapades.  Ok, so it’s not really a catch, since most of you probably do this already, now you’re going to be doing it as part of your job, not sneaking around behind your boss’ back.

To enter, you have to create a 1 minute video, upload it to YouTube, and fill out an entry form on their site.  All entries must be received before November 15, 2009, so you’d better get moving.

Killington, want to start a similar contest? I’m sure you’d have people lining up to apply.