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Things Are Looking Up

Credit: FemaleSkiBum

After today’s voluntary exodus along Route 4 through Bridgewater and Woodstock, the town has gotten a bit quieter. The positive news is that there is a lot of other activity in Killington:

  • FemaleSkiBum reports that 11 pickup trucks showed up at the Killington Market, unloaded and left. (See photo above.) No word on whether their prices were reduced to non-resort prices or not.
  • I saw a bunch of Casella garbage trucks picking up trash from various stops along the Access Road, which would seem to imply that more than just emergency vehicles are getting through to Killington.
  • Repair work around the region is proceeding, but no timelines for in and out travel have yet been established. Most roads have had quick repairs for emergency vehicles only.
  • Free lunch is being served at the Killington elementary school at 12pm and free dinner is being served at 6pm. They are also accepting food donations.
  • MREs and water have been delivered and are available for pickup from the fire station.
  • The sound of helicopters is pretty constant right now. We’re hoping that means vital supplies are coming and going.

Unfortunately, there is still no power to the West Hill Rd area, but CVPS is hoping to have it fixed by Thursday or Friday.

More updates to come…